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World Art Day: Here's to Art & Scotland!

World Art Day: Here's to Art & Scotland!

Hey folks,

World Art Day is just around the corner on the 15th of April. It’s the time of year when art lovers worldwide celebrate the magic of creativity, and here at Gillian Kyle, we’re doing it (as always) with a splash of colour and a dollop of Scottish banter.

This day isn’t just about the Picasso’s, Van Gogh’s or even Jo Lo Mos of the world, oh no! It’s about every one of us who picks up a brush, a pencil, a digital pen or a lump of clay to make something from nothing, whether for business or hobby. It’s about the indie spirit that drives us to make marks on paper, create and share our view of the world.

Here at Gillian Kyle, World Art Day hits a wee bit differently. As you know, I'm all about fun, colour, and all things Scottish. From the iconic Tunnock’s Tea Cake and Caramel Wafer-inspired goodies that kick-started this whole adventure, to Scotland’s characterful native animals and majestic landmarks like the Forth bridges, every design I create is a nod to the natural and man-made artistry that surrounds us in our beautiful wee corner of the world.

Let's talk about being an independent UK artist, designer or maker in 2024. Frankly, it’s a wild ride! Amazon is the benchmark for customer expectations of price and delivery, we are in the midst of a cost of living crises which is sending small businesses to the wall daily and it’s harder and harder just to stay afloat. For me, navigating all of this and finding success means staying true to your vision, even when everything around you is moving faster than a ceilidh after a few drams. It’s about staying calm amidst the whirlwind and creating unique art, designs and products that spark joy, tell a story, or make someone’s day just a wee bit brighter, whether it’s through a mug that brings some colourful fun to your morning coffee or an umbrella shaped like a giant Tunnock’s Tea Cake that lets you carry a (tasty) piece of Scotland wherever you go.

This World Art Day, I’m reflecting on my own journey with all of this—where I’ve been, where I’m heading, and the incredible community that’s rallied around this brand. It’s been a bumpy road at times with challenges galore and the steepest of learning curves but there have also been moments of pure magic.

To every person out there who’s ever picked up something from Gillian Kyle, or even just shared a laugh over a design, I’m raising my glass to you. You’re the heart of this wee operation and the reason I keep dreaming up new ways to celebrate our collective Scottish pride.

And to all my fellow creatives, be you artist, designer, maker, creative director or just a doodler and dreamer. Keep it up! And remember how valuable what you do is, even if no one sees it but you.

Here’s to art, here’s to Scotland, and here’s to having a laugh while we’re at it. Because, in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Slàinte mhath to you and yours!

Catch you later,

Gillian x

PS If you're an art fan, have you seen my GK art collection? Each piece is printed to order by specialist fine art printers in the UK. 

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