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The Backstory of Backpacks

The Backstory of Backpacks

Hey there, backpack and luggage enthusiasts! I've got some exciting news for you – Gillian Kyle is strapping in to the world of backpacks with our very first Scottish backpack collection. Personally I LOVE a good backpack (Hands free! Equal distribution of weight! All the pockets!) and I thought it might be fun to take a wee journey back in time to unpack the story of backpacks and explore the origins of this incredibly practical yet stylish bit of kit. Let’s go!

The Ancient Ancestors

Long before we had sleek, stylish backpacks, our ancestors were strapping things to their backs using rudimentary methods - furry rucksacks filled with essentials for their day-to-day lives. Not for the first time, the Flintstones were definitely onto something.

The Origins of the Rucksack

The term "rucksack" originated from the German "Rücken" (back) and "Sack" (bag). It's not just any bag; it's a bag that goes on your back! These rugged companions became popular among European soldiers in the 19th century, evolving from the traditional knapsacks into more structured, comfortable designs.

The Roaring Twenties and the Birth of the Modern Backpack

As the world roared into the 1920s, backpacks underwent a stylish transformation. Pioneered by passionate mountaineers, backpacks started to feature more advanced designs and materials. These bags were more functional, more stylish, and very handy for carrying gear up those treacherous peaks.

The Rise of the School Bag

By the mid-20th century, backpacks had made their way into the world of education. Students everywhere were joyfully slinging their textbooks and lunchboxes over their shoulders, making backpacks a staple of school life. These days schoolbags often seem almost as big as the kids themselves. What have they got in there????

Backpacks Go Mainstream

Fast forward to the 1990s, and backpacks experienced a cultural boom, thanks to their adoption by celebrities and hip-hop icons. Suddenly, backpacks weren't just for hiking or school – they were a style statement. 12 year old me had a succession of neon (and I mean NEON) designs which perfectly complimented my Reebok Pump kicks and Global Hypercolour tees. Whether you were into bright, bold designs or simple, classic looks, there was a cool backpack for everyone.

Gillian Kyle's Backpack Revolution

So there you have it – the evolution of backpacks, from their humble caveman beginnings to their place as a fashion icon today. And now, we're thrilled to be a part of this rich history of backpacks with our brand new Scottish backpack range in four colourful & fun, fan-favourite designs.

We're taking inspiration from the past and bringing it into the present. Our backpacks are designed to be your trusty companion for daily adventures, just like those early explorers or the hip kids of the '90s. Made of sturdy, water repellent material, fully lined and with a handy laptop sleeve, our backpacks are fashionable, functional and perfect for grown ups and kids alike.

So, get ready to carry your essentials in style and add a touch of Scottish flair to your daily adventures with our Gillian Kyle Scottish backpacks.

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