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Scottish suitcase Scottish Pride design by Gillian Kyle

Scottish Plain Bread

Hi! Its Lorna here again, Gillian’s Mum. Who doesn’t remember pieces (sandwiches) made of Mothers Pride thick cut plain bread ? And who fought over the doorstep ? (The lovely thick outside ends)  Scottish Breakfast Zoom Tea Towel Toasted with cheese. Buttered with tomato soup. A jam or jeely piece.  Delicious.  The Jeely Piece Song […]

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The skirt that symbolises Scotland…

 As one of the most recognisable symbols of Scotland, the kilt is a proud part of our culture and is well known all over the world. Whether worn at weddings, rugby matches, pipe band shows or by the man playing the bagpipes on the Royal Mile, it never fails to look smart, suave – and […]

April Fools’ Day in Scotland

At Gillian Kyle, many of our Scottish gift ideas  are humorous and a little quirky.  Being Scottish we thrive on our sense of humour and we love a wee bit of Scottish silliness. At Gillian Kyle, we love ALL things Scottish! April Fools’ day in Scotland is our opportunity to indulge in a wee bit […]

Peace, Love and Irn-Bru

Originally called Strachans Brew, the firm was first founded in 1875 by Robert Barr. After branding laws enforced in 1946 the vowels were dropped and Irn Bru became the recreated  Brew.  ‘Irn-Bru’ A3 Monochrome Art Print Coca Cola is the number 1 selling soft drink in the world – except in Scotland and the Middle East […]

Gillian Kyle’s history of Hogmanay

The New Year is welcomed in around the world, but Scots Hogmanay celebrations are undoubtedly the pinnacle of New Year’s celebrations! We have our own name for party and our festivities are steeped in tradition. These begin long before midnight (‘the bells’) – so here is my guide to what it’s all about. What is […]

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