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This week the Gillian Kyle Facebook page reached 10,000 likes. Now, I know thats not the be-all and end-all in terms of business success, and in the general scale of things its fewer than lots of other brands, but it feels like a HUGE milestone for me and my wee Scottish business, which has been, […]

The Murray Brothers – Scottish National Treasures!

Andy and Jamie Murray are two Scottish brothers who have one thing in common – they are amazing at tennis. They became the first ever set of brothers to simultaneously occupy the world number one spot in 2016, quite an achievement for the Murray family (and for Scotland)! Gillian Kyle ‘Murray Brothers’ Designs. Visit site […]

Set of 3 Jaggy Thistle Scottish Canvases

Our Stretched Canvas Prints have arrived and they’re bigger than ever!

I’m delighted to share that my range of stretched canvas prints is now available to shop online. They make a fantastic addition to any room and help you to turn plain old walls into feature walls that really stand out – with a Scottish touch! ‘Jaggy Thistles’ Stretched Canvas Print in Silver. Shop here.  The […]

Herald Entrepreneur: Artistic Gillian has designs on business success

Hello everyone! I’m really pleased and excited to share an article that the Herald did recently about my career and the Gillian Kyle design business with you all. I really enjoyed doing the interview and would love for you to have a read below… Butterflies and Beasts range. WHILE mulling over how to set up […]

Detail of Highland Cow Canvas print by Gillian Kyle

Highland coos

Shaggy Highland Cows are an instantly recognisable emblem of Scotland, and, with their strong horns, long eyelashes and oh-so long and hairy coats, these gentle giants are really something special. When you think of the Scottish countryside, lush green grass, rocky crags and clear cold lochs come to mind – add a noble Highland coo […]

Scottish Translations for our Overseas Visitors!

As a nation, the Scots, with our unmistakable broad accents, can be really difficult to understand.  Accents, dialects and unique Scottish sayings vary quite drastically from the very north of Scotland right down through the islands and into the lowlands and borders, meaning that sometimes we Scots can’t even understand each other! As a wee […]

Scottish china mug and coasters in Westie design by Gillian Kyle

Westies and their fluffy white coat…

This is Archie – he’s a wee scamp. With his tartan bow tie and big brown eyes he looks like butter wouldn’t melt – but as all Westie owners will tell you – he’s got a streak of mischief in him a mile wide! The Scottish West Highland Terrier features on a number of my […]

gillian kyle mr stags reflection print suitcase detail

Scotland’s Magnificent Red Deer

At Gillian Kyle we have a passion for the wildlife of Scotland! Its a big inspiration in Gillian’s work and  appears on many of our unique Scottish gift ideas.  In this blog we  thought we would give our visitors a wee insight into the lives of our truly magnificent Scottish Red Deer. Red Deer have […]

Fish and Chips – you can never haddock enough…

  I love these salt and vinegar soaked parcels of delight so much, that there’s a whole range of products dedicated to them on my website. I’m really fond of the traditional Fish Supper Friday and there’s something about the smell of a Scottish chippy that makes me nostalgic for the cold, wet days when […]

Goldilocks had the right idea…

Hello…Lorna here! Goldilocks had the right idea because eating porridge for breakfast provides you with enough energy for half the day… It also stabilises blood sugar levels, calms hunger pangs and aids digestion. Taken regularly it can reduce the risk of Type 2 ( adult onset diabetes). Ideal for those involved in sports it has […]

Gillian Kyle spring sale banner 2

Springtime in Scotland

I look forward to the start of Spring every year. When the clocks spring forward and we have that extra hour of daylight in the evening, it feels like there are more hours in the day and more time to relax or see friends. Four seasons in a day… Of course, Scotland’s weather isn’t 100% […]

Gillian Kyle spring sale banner 3

Easter Sunday…

On Sunday 16th April this year, lots of us will be waking up and tucking into delicious chocolate Easter eggs. I’ve always been a fan of Easter – it means that spring has finally arrived. It’s great  to see the parks become colourful and brighten up the house with daffodils. And of course, I love […]

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