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Make Travel Fun

Make travel fun – again!  

What does your suitcase say about you? Or, more to the point, what doesn’t it say about you… Most suitcases are so ‘Financial Times’ boring they almost make you want to stay at home. 

Holidays to me are all about sunshine, blue skies, relaxation and good food. I guess these criteria have been revised somewhat now that I’m a Mum of 2 rambunctious small boys, but overall holidays are (and have always been) about FUN.

So this summer let’s bring colour, character and FUN back to our suitcases! 

Gillian Kyle bold and beautiful lightweight 4 wheel hard shell suitcase sets

Best case scenario

Our mission is to make suitcases that are fun but are also strong, durable and highly practical travel companions. Welcome to the GK Best Case Scenario. 

That’s why my colourful cases are made from hard-wearing polycarbonate; have many useful internal compartments and separators; have fully extendable handles and are mounted on 8 sturdy wheels that swivel to go exactly where you want them to go. In each of my Gillian Kyle suitcase designs there are 4 size options from which to choose.

And if you were to buy all 4 sizes (why not mix and match, they really don’t have to all be the same design), you can tuck one inside the next like Russian Dolls to save on home storage space.  And to seal the deal on the GK best case scenario all standard UK deliveries are free. For full details, please check out our suitcase Tech Specs and Size Guide on the Gillian Kyle website.

East or West, Home is Best 

For Summer Hols 2019, we’ve got a large selection of fab Scottish suitcases for you to choose from; including our GK Tartan designs, Love Scotland, Scottish Thistles, Scotties and Westies, Highland Cow, Tunnock’s and Irn-Bru. Inspired by the travel mantra, East or West, Home is Best, these iconic Scottish emblems will help guide you home at the end of your travels.

If you are already in holiday mode, why not check out our GK ranges of mens’ and ladies’ t-shirts?

Not all suitcases are black

Thankfully, just as with little dresses, not all suitcases come in the same colour. But after hanging out at an airport carousel waiting for your luggage to trundle into view you might be tempted to think otherwise. Just when did the accountants take over the suitcase design department anyway?!
If you’ve spent any time on the Gillian Kyle website you’ll know that I’m a fully signed up colourist! As with my clocks, mugs and coasters, so it is with my suitcase designs; colour is key. 
Your suitcase, after all, is with you at the start, middle and end of each holiday. So when you are compiling your Summer Hols Checklist be sure to add ‘fun suitcase‘ along with your sunglasses, bonkbuster, GK tote, suntan lotion and, oh yes,  passport!  I don’t know about you, but I’ll be leaving the Financial Times at home this year.

Happy holidays, 

Gillian Kyle Signature

Check out our full range of Scottish suitcases here.

POP! IRN-BRU merchandise range from Scottish artist Gillian Kyle
Love Scotland Scottish icons suitcase featuring Irn-Bru, Highland cows, bagpipes and puffins from Gillian Kyle
Suitcase in Tunnock's Teacake Wrapper design y Gillian Kyle
Gillian Kyle's Suitcases Christmas Gifts
Great Scottie Scottish Terrier suitcases and luggage celebrating Scotty Dogs by Gillian Kyle
Hamish the Miniature Schnauzer suitcase in red by Gillian Kyle
Scottish suitcase in blue typographic map design by Gillian Kyle
POP! IRN-BRU merchandise range from Scottish artist Gillian Kyle
Scottish Highland cow suitcase with butterflies and bees by designer Gillian Kyle
POP! IRN-BRU merchandise range from Scottish artist Gillian Kyle
dashing hounds sausage dog dachshund print luggage by Gillian Kyle

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