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GK Odes

GK Odes

Kinda poetic, pretty irreverent, lots of fun! Introducing GK Odes, Scottish poetry at it’s silliest.

Ode to a Highland Cow by Gillian Kyle

Scottish Odes and Poetry by Gillian Kyle

In the great tradition of the Bard of Ayrshire himself (that’s Robert Burns) of course, we present our GK Odes Collection. In literature, an ode is a type of lyrical poem enthusiastically praising a person or event. So now you know!

We Scots don’t tend to take ourselves, or our poetry, too seriously, and this wee humorous wee collection was a first foray into verse for Gillian. These fun and silly little ditties are a celebration of all the best bits of Scotland.

Scottish poetry at it’s silliest! Enjoy.

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