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Full Scottish Breakfast…

This truly Scottish phenomena is served almost without fail in every bed and breakfast and hotel in every part of Scotland. It is an intrinsic part of Scottish hospitality and if well done it can be a true masterpiece. 


If you get it right you won’t need to eat again till tea time or (if you’ve really done yourself proud), till the next morning! So what is it? Here goes;


Sausage, black pudding, (sometimes haggis or white pudding too), bacon, eggs (fried, scrambled or poached – or all 3?), mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, tattie scones and a variety of other goodies like fried bread, hash browns or fried potatoes. All washed down with lashings of tea or coffee plus toast with butter and marmalade or jam. Phew! Opt for ‘the works’ or just a wee selection of what’s on offer.

Scottish Breakfast Art Print £19.95 

This being 2017, most catering establishments offer healthy options with smoked local Kippers and buttered toast still a firm favourite. For the faint hearted there is always porridge, which fairly sets you up for the day. 


Gillian Kyle’s Scottish Breakfast collection offers a cheeky insight into the other things that may be consumed in Scotland at breakfast or any other time! Choose from a selection of great Scottish gifts including tea towels, aprons, placemats and coasters, china mugs, tote bags, and funky art-prints for your walls. All unique reminders of your trip or to take home as gifts from Scotland for family or friends!

Scottish Breakfast Set of Four Coasters £12.75

Whatever your thoughts are about the national institution that is the full Scottish breakfast, your trip to Scotland will not be complete without trying one. Enjoy!! Have a wee look at the Scottish Breakfast range here

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