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20 Interesting Facts about Puffins

Thank you for checking in to read my latest illustrated Scottish Story: interesting facts about puffins. I’ve always been intrigued by puffins: they are such wonderfully charismatic and colourful little creatures with an almost unmatched ability to conquer land, sea and air. With many colonies dotted around the more remote pockets of the Scottish shoreline, [...]

It’s a Westie World!

Westies, or more formally West Highland Terriers, are a Scottish pedigree dog breed that dates back to the 18th century. They were originally bred for their tenacious ratting and general hunting prowess – but now they are more renowned as great wee companions with big personality and a cheeky streak a mile wide! (br) In […]

Detail of Highland Cow Canvas print by Gillian Kyle

Highland coos

Shaggy Highland Cows are an instantly recognisable emblem of Scotland, and, with their strong horns, long eyelashes and oh-so long and hairy coats, these gentle giants are really something special. When you think of the Scottish countryside, lush green grass, rocky crags and clear cold lochs come to mind – add a noble Highland coo […]

Green, purple and sharp…why are Thistles our national emblem?

Growing abundantly throughout Scotland, the beautiful but viciously sharp and prickly purple thistle has proudly carried the title of Scotland’s national emblem for hundreds of years. But why was it chosen in the first place? ‘Jaggy Thistles’ Stretched Canvas Print in Silver Well, it all dates back to the Battle of Largs in 1263… For […]

How much of Scotland have you ‘Mapped Out’?

  With such cheap flights abroad, it can be easy to forget what we’ve got right here in bonnie Scotland when you’re planning a holiday. For your next long weekend or road trip, instead of going further afield why not make the most of the great variety of countryside scenery, seasides and vibrant cities that […]

Gillian Kyle spring sale banner 2

Springtime in Scotland

I look forward to the start of Spring every year. When the clocks spring forward and we have that extra hour of daylight in the evening, it feels like there are more hours in the day and more time to relax or see friends. Four seasons in a day… Of course, Scotland’s weather isn’t 100% […]

The buzz behind my ‘Butterflies and Beasties’ range

My Butterflies and Beasties range features some of our most iconic Scottish wildlife, from curious hares to majestic stags. Buzzing around on many of the prints is the beautiful honey bee – a wee beastie we have lots to thank for.       You won’t bee-lieve how much they do for us… The honey […]

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