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haggis ingredients by Gillian Kyle

What is in a haggis – the 12 essential ingredients

In the Gillian Kyle What is In a Haggis illustrated story, we tell the colourful story of Scotland’s national dish and explore - infographically! - how closely connected it is to Scotland’s national poet and Scotland’s national drink. So how can we explain the appeal (read: obsession) of haggis today...  1. Robert Burns The ‘modern' [...]
Emblems of Scotland by Scottish Artist Gillian Kyle

Robert the Bruce, Tartan Day and April 6th

This is my Scottish infographic about our world-renowned and iconic Emblems of Scotland; a story rich in history, pioneers and Scottish character. At Gillian Kyle we draw our Scottish inspiration from what’s around us: the great and small, the old and new. All the things that make Scotland so wonderfully different and unique. And there is [...]
Flower of Scotland Scottish Thistle infographic by Scottish Artists Gillian Kyle

9 Fascinating Facts about the Flower of Scotland

How did the humble but not so dainty thistle come to be the emblem of Scotland? I’ve been researching the milestones along this fascinating journey and now I'm delighted  to share  my illustrated infographic and timeline of how the thistle became the Flower of Scotland. It goes a little something like this...   1263, the [...]
iconic brands of Scotland

11 Inspiring and Iconic Scottish Brands

I've been wanting to illustrate and write about these 11 Inspiring and Iconic Scottish Brands for some time. 
In Scotland, we have a wealth of fantastic brands that any country in the world would be proud to claim as their own; yet another example of  Scotland punching well above its weight. As an artist, I [...]
Famous Scots - Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Glasgow School of Art infographic illustrated story with interesting facts by Scottish artist Gillian Kyle

Charles Rennie Mackintosh at 150

In 2016 Charles Rennie Mackintosh was voted #2 Great Scot* in a poll conducted by the National Trust for Scotland. But how how much do we really know about this clearly much loved and iconic Scottish designer? (br) On the eve of his 150th birthday on June 7th, I set out to find out more about […]

Gillian Kyle's illustrated guide to throwing the perfect Burns Night celebration and Burns Supper

Throwing a Burns Supper at Home

Planning a home-based Burns Supper for friends and family should be simple, easy and FUN! When organising Burns Suppers in the past I've made them overly complicated or too formal - which only results in making the night more stressful than enjoyable. Definitely not how Rabbie would have wanted it! Last year we had 8 [...]
Robert Burns an illustrated story blog and infographic about Rabbie Burns by-gillian-kyle

Robert Burns, the Illustrated Facts

As a little girl growing up in the West of Scotland on a diet of mince, tatties and Rabbie Burns, how I would have appreciated a better understanding of Robert Burns the man, the deep beauty and truth of his words  and the enduring global legacy of our Scottish bard. The favoured Scottish approach to teaching poetry back [...]
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