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Win Peace Love and Teackes

T&Cs for Peace, Love and Teacakes mugs competition

Summer’s winding down (boo!) and with the schools heading back it’s time to get back into our usual routines. The upside of getting back into the swing of things is getting to catch up with friends who we’ve not seen over the summer! To bring some cheer we’ve decided to give one lucky winner the […]

Tea and Coffee mugs and storage tins

Tea is trendy and coffee’s cool…

Scotland is undoubtedly a nation of tea jennies, and Brits have been some of the world’s biggest tea drinkers for 400 years. From the 11-o-clock cuppa to afternoon tea, our culture’s been shaped by tea drinking since the first cup was brewed. Coffee’s been around for a long time too, but our coffee culture has […]

Tartan Animals table place setting

Rules are made for breaking: have you discovered your modern table style?

The dining room is dead, long live the kitchen!  Do dining rooms even exist anymore? In black and white TV days the dining table lived in a formal dining room and its use came with a sense of occasion. Today life has changed massively. More of us eat in the kitchen (if we gather round a table at all) so I’m wondering, what are the rules of modern dining style? The […]

Gillian Kyle, Tartan Westie, Set of 4, Melamine Coasters, Westie

Top tips for the perfect house warming gift – the house move hamper

Moving house is incredibly stressful. Boxes can go missing, and it’s invariably the one that’s really needed – the one with the kitchen provisions that was going let you make everyone a nice cuppa. It’s also a time when preparing food becomes a challenge, and that’s when a hamper full of goodies becomes a real […]

Kitchen Apron by Gillian Kyle

Top tips for the perfect new home hamper

Moving house can be incredibly stressful. Boxes can go missing and scarily, without an oven, planning your next meal can be uncertain. A hamper full of goodies is a great gift for anyone in this situation. So we’ve come up with our top tips for creating the perfect hamper. A basket full of goodies can […]

Gillian Kyle's Peace Love and Irn Bru Coffee Mug

Peace, Love & … Irn-Bru?

So, I was messing around online one day putting off doing any real work (I know), when I came across one of my fave blogs, Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward. For those not in the know Ella is passionate about using amazing, delicious, vegan food to maximise health and vitality. I’ve got both of her […]

Dark Choc Tunnock’s Tins by Gillian Kyle

New Dark Choc Tunnock’s Tins by Gillian Kyle

So, everyone has been asking for these for a while, and finally, here they are – our ever popular Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer rectangular tins in a stylish dark chocolate option. Like the red and white milk choc version these are designed to look like a giant Caramel Wafer biscuit with the design wrapping all the […]

Tunnocks storage tins by Gillian Kyle


I’ve been all about the collaborations lately. Fresh after blogging about our bright and beautiful Tunnock’s Teacake chair (a fab collab with bespoke furniture restorers Pink Grapefruit) here I am again to introduce our new range of Tunnock’s biscuit tins. These handy, retro styled storage tins  are perfect for almost any use you can think of – […]

Tunnock’s Teacake Chair

Sometimes you just feel like doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone. Something a little off the wall. So just before Christmas I teamed up with the lovely ladies at Pink Grapefruit  bespoke upholsterers to do something I’ve never done before; design a piece of furniture. Pink Grapefruit specialise in bespoke, restored furniture […]

Glittering Gold Coffee Mug

All the Glitters is Gold (Mugs)

Hello folks. The season of magic and sparkle is upon us once again, and what better way to celebrate than with a  wee limited edition range of glistening gold and silver embellished mugs.  I’ve taken 3 of our most popular mug designs and given them a shiny makeover.  My personal  favourite is the gorgeous, golden Scottish Breakfast mug , […]

tunnocks caramel wafer wall art print

Our New Prints Are Here!

Hello hello, I’m delighted to announce that my first wee capsule range of colour prints  is now for sale on the site  – hooray!  The prints feature all the greats of the Scottish food scene – Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers and Teacakes, Mother’s Pride Scottish Plain bread, scotch pies, wham bars (yes, they are Scottish!), Sweetheart Stout (made […]

tunnocks caramel wafer plate

Plates, Jugs and Coffee Cups!

Well folks, Autumn is here, the world is a blaze of reds, gold and browns and the nights are  fairly drawing in. That also means that Christmas is right around the corner, and the slightly terrifying spectre of Christmas shopping is looming large.  Here at GK we have been pretty organised this year, and I […]

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