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luggage print detail in tartan stag by Gillian Kyle

Representing Scotland all over the world | Scottish Diaspora

It’s important to me that my products are available to everyone. So, at Gillian Kyle, we make sure that each of our orders are ready to be delivered anywhere. I love that people far away from Scotland are enjoying Gillian Kyle products. We’ve sent parcels far and wide, so I know that our Scottish-themed designs […]

Scottie print detail in red

Scottish Trivia Part 1 – Football, Masala and The Big Yin

The Bay City Rollers were a Seventies worldwide  sensation and the Tartan equivalent in their day of Take That or One Direction! Who doesn’t remember the fans going crazy with their long long Tartan scarves singing along to  “Bye Bye Baby” and “All of Me Loves All of You”.  Scotland has always struggled in the football World Cup and didn’t manage […]

fox framed print by Gillian Kyle

Scottish Nursery Rhymes and Street Songs

Any child brought up in Scotland will know, off by heart, some of our very favourite nursery rhymes. They were sung to us by our mums and grannies and are an lovely memory of childhood days.   They vary throughout Scotland according to tradition and superstition but there are a few that every child within a 100 mile radius of Glasgow will be […]

The Murray Brothers – Scottish National Treasures!

Andy and Jamie Murray are two Scottish brothers who have one thing in common – they are amazing at tennis. They became the first ever set of brothers to simultaneously occupy the world number one spot in 2016, quite an achievement for the Murray family (and for Scotland)! Gillian Kyle ‘Murray Brothers’ Designs. Visit site […]

Scottish Translations for our Overseas Visitors!

As a nation, the Scots, with our unmistakable broad accents, can be really difficult to understand.  Accents, dialects and unique Scottish sayings vary quite drastically from the very north of Scotland right down through the islands and into the lowlands and borders, meaning that sometimes we Scots can’t even understand each other! As a wee […]

Representing Scotland all the way over in Texas…

This year I was delighted and honoured to be asked to design the t-shirt for the 31st annual Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games! I had great fun working with the creative team for the Games to come up with a design to reflect the shared cultural heritage (both Texan and Scottish) of the attendees. […]

typographic Mother Love heart print by Gillian Kyle - print detail, red and black

A Brief History of Mother’s Day

This year, Mother’s Day – or Mothering Sunday – takes place on Sunday, March 26th. The day always falls three weeks before Easter Sunday and it’s a tradition that brings round a well needed opportunity to appreciate all that our Mums do for us each year.   ‘Mother Love’ Print at £25.00    Mother’s Day […]

Introducing Glasgow’s most brilliantly named charity!

I’d like to talk about one of Glasgow’s newest and most brilliantly named charities as we warm up to the festive season – Refuweegee. It’s such a simple concept, but with the power to do so much good. Refuweegee was established by the incomparable, indefatigable and frankly brilliant Selina Hales. Her reaction to the refugee […]

Gillian Kyle talks about mentoring

Mentoring is for everyone

My business – designing and sharing my creations with customers who enjoy them too –  is in equal parts a joy and a challenge. Luckily, over the years I’ve been mentor and mentee, and I know mentoring is invaluable. I’m keen to share my experiences to encourage others to do it. My first mentors – […]

Top 10 tips for making a rented house your own

Top 10 tips for making a rented house feel like home

Whether you’re 19 or 90, renting gives you the luxury of being footloose and fancy free, but it’s important that anywhere you live feels like your own. Having spent my fair share of time renting, I know just how to make a rented room feel homely. Wee personal details have always brightened up the places […]

Colouring in for adults

Hats off to Johanna Basford, OBE

Hey everyone, Today’s blog is all about the global phenomenon that is colouring-in for adults! I’d like to start off by celebrating fellow Scot and illustration queen, Johanna Basford. Not only has this talented lady topped bestsellers lists everywhere with her colouring books, she’s now Johanna Basford OBE! Yep, that’s right, she’s been awarded an […]

Christmas Gift Ideas by Gillian Kyle

Need some Mum-spiration?

Feeling uninspired for gifts for your wee Mum this year? Here are some of my faves this Christmas… It can be hard to find smaller, stocking filler type gifts which won’t be destined for landfill as soon as the Christmas tree is down. Luckily our brand new Gillian Kyle fine bone china teabag tidies  fit the bill […]

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