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20 Interesting Facts about Puffins

Thank you for checking in to read my latest illustrated Scottish Story: interesting facts about puffins. I’ve always been intrigued by puffins: they are such wonderfully charismatic and colourful little creatures with an almost unmatched ability to conquer land, sea and air. With many colonies dotted around the more remote pockets of the Scottish shoreline, [...]
Gillian Kyle Scottish Clocks Animation

Enjoy the happy gift of Scottish Time

At Gillian Kyle we've captured some of the beauty of Scottish Time in our fun and colourful range of Scottish Clocks. Whether for your own home or when giving the gift of Scottish Time to friends and family, these designs will remind you of all that's best about Scotland.  Choose from a range of designs [...]
animation celebrating the V&A Dundee and Maggie's Penguin Parade

The V&A and Penguins Come to Dundee

Bonnie Dundee 2018 - now we really do have something to sing about For me, Dundee will be forever associated with Oor Wullie and The Beano, but these days its no longer just the city of "jute, jam and journalism". In fact, in 2014, the wee city on the Tay was recognised by the United Nations (no [...]
Scottie print detail in red

Scottish Trivia Part 1 – Football, Masala and The Big Yin

The Bay City Rollers were a Seventies worldwide  sensation and the Tartan equivalent in their day of Take That or One Direction! Who doesn’t remember the fans going crazy with their long long Tartan scarves singing along to  “Bye Bye Baby” and “All of Me Loves All of You”.  Scotland has always struggled in the football World Cup and didn’t manage […]

fox framed print by Gillian Kyle

Scottish Nursery Rhymes and Street Songs

Any child brought up in Scotland will know, off by heart, some of our very favourite nursery rhymes. They were sung to us by our mums and grannies and are an lovely memory of childhood days.   They vary throughout Scotland according to tradition and superstition but there are a few that every child within a 100 mile radius of Glasgow will be […]

Scottish Translations for our Overseas Visitors!

As a nation, the Scots, with our unmistakable broad accents, can be really difficult to understand.  Accents, dialects and unique Scottish sayings vary quite drastically from the very north of Scotland right down through the islands and into the lowlands and borders, meaning that sometimes we Scots can’t even understand each other! As a wee […]

Representing Scotland all the way over in Texas…

This year I was delighted and honoured to be asked to design the t-shirt for the 31st annual Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games! I had great fun working with the creative team for the Games to come up with a design to reflect the shared cultural heritage (both Texan and Scottish) of the attendees. […]

gillian kyle mr stags reflection print suitcase detail

Scotland’s Magnificent Red Deer

At Gillian Kyle we have a passion for the wildlife of Scotland! Its a big inspiration in Gillian’s work and  appears on many of our unique Scottish gift ideas.  In this blog we  thought we would give our visitors a wee insight into the lives of our truly magnificent Scottish Red Deer. Red Deer have […]

Gillian Kyle spring sale banner 3

Easter Sunday…

On Sunday 16th April this year, lots of us will be waking up and tucking into delicious chocolate Easter eggs. I’ve always been a fan of Easter – it means that spring has finally arrived. It’s great  to see the parks become colourful and brighten up the house with daffodils. And of course, I love […]

Gillian Kyle, Scottish men's clothing, Scottish men's t-shirt, Scottish unisex t-shirt,Scottish unisex clothing,  Scottish breakfast, Scottish breakfast irn bru print

The skirt that symbolises Scotland…

 As one of the most recognisable symbols of Scotland, the kilt is a proud part of our culture and is well known all over the world. Whether worn at weddings, rugby matches, pipe band shows or by the man playing the bagpipes on the Royal Mile, it never fails to look smart, suave – and […]

Full Scottish Breakfast…

This truly Scottish phenomena is served almost without fail in every bed and breakfast and hotel in every part of Scotland. It is an intrinsic part of Scottish hospitality and if well done it can be a true masterpiece.    If you get it right you won’t need to eat again till tea time or (if […]

Peace Love and Haggis Art Print


Well,  what is it ? Traditional Haggis is a sheep’s stomach filled with the finest  lamb, beef, oats, onions and spices. Rich in iron, protein, vitamins B1 and B2, calcium, copper and zinc.  Usually served with mashed turnips (neeps) and potatoes  it is a delicious and nutritious meal.  And what is it not? It is […]

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