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Scotland’s national drink…

Whisky has been distilled in Scotland since as early as 1494, and it’s well known across the world as Scotland’s national drink. The drink evolved from a Scottish drink called ‘uisge beatha’, which actually means ‘water of life’. I’m sure plenty of Scots still feel this way about whisky today!     A wee dram… […]

Beautiful Lola Highland Cow serving tray by Gillian Kyle

Serving up some new ideas…

Serving trays…think they’re only for tea and biscuits? Think again! Getting creative with serving trays allows you to be organised and can help you to give purpose to a collection of different items or even just make the most of an empty wall space. I decided to create a new collection of tea trays as […]

Scottish china mug and coasters in Westie design by Gillian Kyle

Westies and their fluffy white coat…

This is Archie – he’s a wee scamp. With his tartan bow tie and big brown eyes he looks like butter wouldn’t melt – but as all Westie owners will tell you – he’s got a streak of mischief in him a mile wide! The Scottish West Highland Terrier features on a number of my […]

Fish and Chips – you can never haddock enough…

  I love these salt and vinegar soaked parcels of delight so much, that there’s a whole range of products dedicated to them on my website. I’m really fond of the traditional Fish Supper Friday and there’s something about the smell of a Scottish chippy that makes me nostalgic for the cold, wet days when […]

Goldilocks had the right idea…

Hello…Lorna here! Goldilocks had the right idea because eating porridge for breakfast provides you with enough energy for half the day… It also stabilises blood sugar levels, calms hunger pangs and aids digestion. Taken regularly it can reduce the risk of Type 2 ( adult onset diabetes). Ideal for those involved in sports it has […]

Gillian Kyle spring sale banner 3

Easter Sunday…

On Sunday 16th April this year, lots of us will be waking up and tucking into delicious chocolate Easter eggs. I’ve always been a fan of Easter – it means that spring has finally arrived. It’s great  to see the parks become colourful and brighten up the house with daffodils. And of course, I love […]

Scottish suitcase Scottish Pride design by Gillian Kyle

Scottish Plain Bread

Hi! Its Lorna here again, Gillian’s Mum. Who doesn’t remember pieces (sandwiches) made of Mothers Pride thick cut plain bread ? And who fought over the doorstep ? (The lovely thick outside ends)  Scottish Breakfast Zoom Tea Towel Toasted with cheese. Buttered with tomato soup. A jam or jeely piece.  Delicious.  The Jeely Piece Song […]

Full Scottish Breakfast…

This truly Scottish phenomena is served almost without fail in every bed and breakfast and hotel in every part of Scotland. It is an intrinsic part of Scottish hospitality and if well done it can be a true masterpiece.    If you get it right you won’t need to eat again till tea time or (if […]

Peace Love and Haggis Art Print


Well,  what is it ? Traditional Haggis is a sheep’s stomach filled with the finest  lamb, beef, oats, onions and spices. Rich in iron, protein, vitamins B1 and B2, calcium, copper and zinc.  Usually served with mashed turnips (neeps) and potatoes  it is a delicious and nutritious meal.  And what is it not? It is […]

Peace, Love and Irn-Bru

Originally called Strachans Brew, the firm was first founded in 1875 by Robert Barr. After branding laws enforced in 1946 the vowels were dropped and Irn Bru became the recreated  Brew.  ‘Irn-Bru’ A3 Monochrome Art Print Coca Cola is the number 1 selling soft drink in the world – except in Scotland and the Middle East […]

shortbread tin illustration by Gillian Kyle

Our Scottish Granny’s Biscuit Tins

Anyone with a Scottish Granny will have fond memories of their biscuit tins. In fact, in our family we have biscuit tins that once belonged to my husband’s great granny still in use today. My own Mum (Gillian’s granny) had a great selection of biscuit tins in a variety of shapes and sizes. The coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 produced a plethora of […]

Retro Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Biscuit and Cake Kitchen Storage Tin by Gillian Kyle

All Things Tunnocks…

What better way to start a conversation between Scots in any part of the world than to ask them which is their favourite Tunnocks biscuit? Here at Gillian Kyle, we recognise that along with our world renowned whiskies, iconic Irn-Bru and hairy haggis, Tunnocks is an essential ingredient of the Scottish psyche. Founded in 1890 […]

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