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Scottish card ranges

Scottish Notecards

Introducing our new Gillian Kyle Scottish themed notecard sets: packs of 12 notecards (blank inside) and envelopes featuring 4 different designs in each. The next time you reach out to an old friend or distant relative, why not send a little ray of Scottish sunshine in the form of a hand written Scottish notecard? Today [...]
dashing hounds sausage dog dachshund luggage print by Gillian Kyle

Scottish Trivia Part 2 – Banking, Kilts and the Real McCoy

The Bank of Scotland was founded by John Holland, an Englishman. Whereas the Bank of England and the Bank of France were founded by Willian Patterson and John Law respectively – both Scottish! The adhesive postage stamp was invented by James Chalmers from Dundee but rather unbelievably it was in Russia that our national bard […]

Beautiful Lola Highland Cow serving tray by Gillian Kyle

Serving up some new ideas…

Serving trays…think they’re only for tea and biscuits? Think again! Getting creative with serving trays allows you to be organised and can help you to give purpose to a collection of different items or even just make the most of an empty wall space. I decided to create a new collection of tea trays as […]


This week the Gillian Kyle Facebook page reached 10,000 likes. Now, I know thats not the be-all and end-all in terms of business success, and in the general scale of things its fewer than lots of other brands, but it feels like a HUGE milestone for me and my wee Scottish business, which has been, […]

Detail of Highland Cow Canvas print by Gillian Kyle

Highland coos

Shaggy Highland Cows are an instantly recognisable emblem of Scotland, and, with their strong horns, long eyelashes and oh-so long and hairy coats, these gentle giants are really something special. When you think of the Scottish countryside, lush green grass, rocky crags and clear cold lochs come to mind – add a noble Highland coo […]

Scotland the brave…

There’s nothing quite like hearing live bagpipes. Whether you’re at a wedding, celebration or even just passing by a piper in the streets, it’s always quite a magical experience. I find it almost impossible to visit our capital city and not come across a piper, especially if you’re walking along the Royal Mile. With the […]

shortbread tin illustration by Gillian Kyle

Our Scottish Granny’s Biscuit Tins

Anyone with a Scottish Granny will have fond memories of their biscuit tins. In fact, in our family we have biscuit tins that once belonged to my husband’s great granny still in use today. My own Mum (Gillian’s granny) had a great selection of biscuit tins in a variety of shapes and sizes. The coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 produced a plethora of […]

The buzz behind my ‘Butterflies and Beasties’ range

My Butterflies and Beasties range features some of our most iconic Scottish wildlife, from curious hares to majestic stags. Buzzing around on many of the prints is the beautiful honey bee – a wee beastie we have lots to thank for.       You won’t bee-lieve how much they do for us… The honey […]

Butterflies and Beasties Art Prints

Here be and Butterflies and Beasties

I’m very excited to share the newest addition to the Gillian Kyle range; Butterflies & Beasties.  Getting a glimpse of our elusive and beautiful beasts is rare and creating a range that captures them for the home has been an aim of mine for a while. I’m delighted with the results. Each piece is inspired by Scottish […]

Gillian Kyle talks about mentoring

Mentoring is for everyone

My business – designing and sharing my creations with customers who enjoy them too –  is in equal parts a joy and a challenge. Luckily, over the years I’ve been mentor and mentee, and I know mentoring is invaluable. I’m keen to share my experiences to encourage others to do it. My first mentors – […]

Top 10 tips for making a rented house your own

Top 10 tips for making a rented house feel like home

Whether you’re 19 or 90, renting gives you the luxury of being footloose and fancy free, but it’s important that anywhere you live feels like your own. Having spent my fair share of time renting, I know just how to make a rented room feel homely. Wee personal details have always brightened up the places […]

Love Scotland range by Gillian Kyle

The stag is out of the bag!

We’re delighted to announce that our new range, Love Scotland arrived this week – hooray! Alongside some great Scottish iconography, Love Scotland  features three characters; Dougal, a highland coo and two wee dugs Hamish and Archie. So much wonderful, iconic imagery is connected to Scotland and I wanted to incorporate that, while still keeping it fun and stylish. Inspired by […]

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