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Robert Burns at Brig o'Doon by Gillian Kyle

7 reasons why Robert Burns is so popular today

There are many rich and varied reasons why Scots, fans of Scotland and generally those who love poetry feel particularly connected, moved and inspired by The Ploughman Poet born over 250 years ago. But let’s be clear from the outset, this type of popularity for an old dusty poet - or even anyone associated with culture [...]

4 of the Best Known Robert Burns Poems and Songs

My tribute to Robert Burns' immortal memory ahead of Burns Night on January 25th is a wee set of illustrations of 4 of the best known Robert Burns poems and songs. I pulled out the 2 lines which, in my opinion, best summed up each of these poems or songs and got to work capturing [...]
Gillian Kyle's illustrated guide to throwing the perfect Burns Night celebration and Burns Supper

Throwing a Burns Supper at Home

Planning a home-based Burns Supper for friends and family should be simple, easy and FUN! When organising Burns Suppers in the past I've made them overly complicated or too formal - which only results in making the night more stressful than enjoyable. Definitely not how Rabbie would have wanted it! Last year we had 8 [...]
Robert Burns an illustrated story blog and infographic about Rabbie Burns by-gillian-kyle

Robert Burns, the Illustrated Facts

As a little girl growing up in the West of Scotland on a diet of mince, tatties and Rabbie Burns, how I would have appreciated a better understanding of Robert Burns the man, the deep beauty and truth of his words  and the enduring global legacy of our Scottish bard. The favoured Scottish approach to teaching poetry back [...]
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