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For research purposes only! #tunnocks #scottish #scotland #tunnockscaramelwafer #biscuits… https://t.co/229IWCh3vX

RT @ACID_tweets: ACID Member @gilliankyle New Dark Tunnocks Tins find them here https://t.co/X3jDzS5z7G https://t.co/jkuASkZt9b

Keep up the good work @Refuweegee! Any GK stockists who would like to stock these please get in touch!! https://t.co/lUHUDD0j90

@mrs_watsonLHS make sure you post some pics!

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Gillian's Inspiration

I’m a magpie and a maximalist. Old books, magazines and images, vintage postcards, products and packaging, wonderful graphic design in advertising; these are things of wonder and magic to me. They tell a story about who we were as a nation, and who we are now. 

Most of my collections pay homage to the iconic products, imagery and objects of Scotland and Britain that we all know and love; fish suppers, Tunnock's Teacakes, Irn-Bru, highland coos, porridge oats, bagpipes, seaside holidays, greasy spoons. I do love a bit of kitsch and Scottish kitsch is surely the kitschiest kitsch of all, and a rich source of inspiration to me. 

I aim to create unique, unusual and fun Scottish and British gifts, accessories and things for your home;  a lighthearted but sincerely meant celebration of all that’s best about who we are and where we come from. 



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