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RT @GentleOtter: @gilliankyle We bide "Up the back" - you kind of do a directional thing with your ears to show the direction.

RT @verlaine101: @gilliankyle "go and play at yer ain bit", remember that being shouted by old women.

RT @stef3d: @gilliankyle Did when I was a kid, and ma bit extended to the area outside the house where we played.

does anyone else say "round ma bit" for 'my house'...? Is it just a Scottish thing!? This is fun!

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Our Story

Hello! I'm Gillian and all this silliness is down to me; I  hope you like what you find here. I’m a Glasgow girl and graduate from Glasgow School of Art with a passion for illustration and print. From humble beginnings drawing and screen-printing at my kitchen table just after graduating, things at Gillian Kyle have gone from strength to strength and we now sell our Scottish wares all over the UK and even as far away as France, New Zealand and Japan.

We’re proud to have won the affections of Scots and Brits worldwide; and even Mr Tunnock himself. Every design starts off with my hand drawn illustration in pen and ink (my favourite part of the job). I then use a little computer magic to create the finished image before it’s screen-printed onto cotton, china, melamine or paper right here in the UK. If you’d like to learn more about how our products are made please have a look here.

As for the direction of the business; our goal is to be an internationally known and loved Scottish brand recognised for our beautiful and unique products; celebrating all that’s great about our wonderful culture and heritage (with a wee dash of humour, of course). 



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